Maintenance Golf Ground

Tips To Maintain Australian Golf Course Ground And Garden

Golf course ground is the most sophisticated place and requires huge maintenance. The maintenance that it needs is costly, but more than the cost the care is the requirement. You need to fix someone, who has special knowledge about the maintenance. The elevation of the grounds, trees and the maintenance of the water bodies is also required. Regarding there is four phase of maintenance, which has to be done in four quarters.

1st quarter maintenance

Generally, you will find snow covered theland for three weeks, which will be followed byquite a month of January. Lack of the sunshine, snow and average rainfall will make the area damp. So, there is need of drying the grasses and cutting down the tree extensions. This will be really helpful for the project. So, the fast task here is to clear the snow and remove the dampness from the golf ground. Once that has been done, the next thing that you will have to do is drying of the ground grass.

2nd quarter maintenance

April is the most critical month for the golf ground. Rainfall or dryness, both are uncertain in this area. If it rains, you will need to make the swamp out. Otherwise, your ground is just needed to be trimmed. Trimming of the grass can be done easily in the next month, because of the dryness. You need turf managers to trim the grasses and shape the trees. The next month is dry and watering is needed. Irrigation is also the requirement, to ensure the refreshment of the grass and the golf field.

3rd quarter maintenance

Drought stress is over by now, and there is a need to connect the springs. This is the ideal time to renovate the grounds, for the rainy weather. The difference in the rain for the next three months can be felt. So it is the ideal time to provide the ideal shapes. September is the time when the weather condition is best. Least maintenance will be needed at this time, except the trimming and course Melbourne

4th quarter maintenance

This is the season, where irrigation facility is to be enabled initially. Some parts of the state feel the excessive heat, and hence, watering of the field and rolling of the grasses is needed above everything. Turf managers need to give their best in the month of November. Weather condition is arid, and dryness is there in all parts. So, plenty of water is needed to keep the grassy field active and refreshed. December is the month of snowfall. SO additional care must be taken here for the support.

The golf course has different topography in it. So, care or maintenance, that is to be done here is different here totally. You will need water bodies and also need the grasses. Trimming of the grasses and shaping of the trees is also needed.There are many company in Australia which maintain the golf course ground but  is best one which maintain all golf course  and gardener around the Melbourne. To maintain the water body and the full garden, there is also the need for irrigation. A specialized support or team members will be ideal to assist you here. It is always better to hire anexperienced team. You can also take help from the established golf training clubs, for the contacts.