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How to select Professional Gloves for Golfers And Boxers

Wearing professional gloves for boxers and golfers is not just confined for the boxers and Golfers. They can be worn by anyone who indulges in activities such as punching and striking. This may include boxing in the ring, practicing with punching bags and performing martial arts such as cardio kickboxing, etc. You must choose the right pair of cloves to enhance your safety and protection. Moreover, the professional boxing gloves add comfort and increase the level of enjoyment ultimately. A best pair of boxing gloves can be purchased either at the sporting goods stores or at other specialty stores. Some low quality boxing gloves are also found at big stores as well. Whether you are shopping at small stores or at large sporting goods, you have to choose the right pair of gloves by taking certain factors into considerations:professional boxing gloves


The boxing gloves are available in three different sizes including large, medium and small. You will find gloves for men, children and women in three different sizes. As same types golf gloves also available in different size like men,women,and children. When it comes to boxing gloves for women and children, they are smaller than the men’s boxing gloves and are more versatile. The fact is that there is no standard size for the boxing gloves and they do vary from one manufacturer to another. So, it is highly recommended to try out a pair of gloves before buying. These boxing gloves should fit snug so that they can be more comfortable for you to put on. Wearing gloves that do not fit properly can be dangerous as they may slip off while boxing and may fail to provide the necessary protection.


The weight of the gloves is based on the amount of padding contained in it. Heavier gloves contain more padding and reduce the chances of injury to the opponent. Most of the gloves weigh around 16 ounces, 14 ounces and 12 ounces. Of course, there are also some low weight boxing gloves available that weigh as little as 8 ounces. Generally, the beginners and amateurs opt for heavier gloves whereas the professionals prefer best golf gloveswearing light weight gloves.


Boxing gloves and golf gloves can be made from leather or vinyl. The leather gloves are preferred by the boxers for their durability and breathability but can be expensive too. If the cost is the deciding factor, then you can go with a pair of vinyl gloves which is ideal for martial arts and cardio kickboxing. It is not recommended to wear vinyl gloves for boxing but suitable for children and beginners.

Laces OrVelcro:

You must also choose between the gloves with laces and Velcro. Boxing gloves with laces can be worn like a pair of shoes and are known to provide a secured closure when compared to boxing cloves with Velcro.